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Wein Personal Air Purifier

Personal air purifier
[Air Supply] discharges 1.5 million pieces second/cm3 per ion and electrifies floating particles in theair such as, virus, pollen, dust, and cigarette smoke, and, removes it from the breathing zone (eyes, nose, and mouth).

Personal air purifier "Air Supply" can remove the float particles of 0.1-3 micron or less. Because it is not a filter type, troublesome maintenance and the replacement costs of filters are unnecessary.

The entire face including the eyes is guarded when used together with a surgery mask, and the floating particles can be prevented from being inhaled more effectively

■Elimiinated 95% of bacter in experiments.
(Testing body:University of California Los Angeles (UCLA))
■Four patents have been obtained the United States.
(The United States Patent No:5667564 No:5484472 others)
※…Cannot remove carbon monoxide.
■Comes with 1 year local warranty.

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