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Zoe | Work'N'Play Bags | Luxury with a Social Conscience by Lux & Nyx

Lux & Nyx - Intelligent Designer Bags without the Luxury Mark Up. Handmade + Eco. You Are The Best,Your Bag Should Follow.You Deserve This.



Artisan Handcrafted

Each bag is attentively handcrafted by a family-owned artisan shop from start to finish.

Above and Beyond

We embrace an active lifestyle; fusing action with sophistication and luxury with functionality. We believe in uncompromised attention to detail with over eighteen compartments to fit all your deepest bag desires.

Premium Materials
We use gold plated hardware and our exclusive Freedom Fiber™ material. With our product in hand, you'll feel the difference.

• Water Resistant
• Easy to Maintain and Durable
• Eco-Considerate
• Cruelty-Free Product