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"The Circuit Breaker" Brass Antimicrobial EDC by We The People

The fight against COVID-19 rages on

So arm yourself with a simple weapon to help flatten the curve

Introducing "The Circuit Breaker"

Quick overview



Antimicrobial touch surfaces such as brass are well
known to kill and/or slow the spread of microorganisms.
Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoans,
and fungi such as mold and mildew.

Use “The Circuit Breaker” as your extended middle
finger to COVID-19.

Open & Close doors

Open & close doors without touching them

Cut the tension, and other things

Cut packaging boxes, letters, and other things that need cutting.

A quick measuring tool (60mm)

Use your "CB" as a quick measuring tool.


No Skin Contact

 Use your “CB” as an extension of your finger on touchscreens or any surfaces that are very prone to germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Stylus Ready

Your phone is littered with bacteria too, so use the "CB" 
as a stylus to minimise contact.

Ultra Thin

"The Circuit Breaker" is 2mm thin, making it the most compact antimicrobial brass tool out there.

Perfect everyday carry

Fits into your everyday carry just like any other key.


Why are these safety measures important?

Germs, viruses, and bacteria live everywhere. By minimising
our contact with objects, we can help to flatten the curve.
Our Healthcare system only has a certain capacity, and if a virus spreads too quickly,
will be overwhelmed and unable to do its job efficiently.

Prevent the spread with "The Circuit Breaker"


76w x 30h x2d (mm)
Brass: 62% Copper, 38% Zinc
Weights 15 Grams


“The CB” is not designed like an actual stylus pen, and
should not be expected to work the the same as if you bought an actual stylus with a silicon tip.
Brass, just like your fingertips, is able to conduct a certain amount of electricity,
thus creating responsiveness on touchscreens.
It is recommended that you use it more for ATM machines, or payment touchscreens where many other people will come in contact with.

About Brass

Overtime, when Brass is exposed to oxygen, oxidation occurs, which will give brass a greenish blue patina. This is a natural occurrence of the material which creates the antique look that we all know and love.

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