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Sitpack v2.0 - The world's most compact foldable seat. Rest easy.


New and improved version:

  • Increased user-friendliness: One keyword that describes the new version is user experience. The whole design process of 2.0 has been focusing on making Sitpack even more simple to use. 
  • Revolution rings: new-patented locking mechanisms, made of PERLEX R2520. The new locking mechanism increases the adjustment functionality. Now it’s possible for users to lean/sit at any height.
  • Alligator foot clamp: Another massive improvement is the new way the foot is mounted. Instead of twisting the rubber foot into the leg, it is simply clicked in place with a snapfit – holding it in the right position at all time and making it very easy to insert and exchange if necessary. 

Sitpack2.0 - Overview



■ Weight : 560 g
■ Diameter : 6,5 cm
■ Folded Height : 16,8 cm
■ Seat Width : 34 cm
■ Supports a maximum weight of 100 kg
■ Foot slip included
■ Adjustable from 65cm to 87cm ( Suitable for everyone ;) )
■ Material : polycarbonate (resistant from -20°C to 140°C)
■ Colors : Camouflage, Black, Blue