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POMO Mooncake - Smartwatch for Safety

“Smartwatch for safety”

The new GPS Smartwatch and Phone helps keep your child safe by tracking their location, make/receive calls and messages as well as SOS alert when they are in need.



  1. Voice Calling/Text Message

Making/receiving phone calls and text message to keep them safe. Parent gets total peace of mind about their kids’ communication by specifying trusted incoming and outgoing numbers which they can ring with the touch of button. The safety of your child is that simple!

  1. Smart Locator

POMO Mooncake tells where your kids are in real time, using a combination of 3 positioning technology (GPS, Wi-Fi and A-GPS) for more accuracy and precision.

  1. SOS

During emergency or unsafe situations you kids can call for help by pressing the SOS button on Pomo Mooncake. The watch will spread the loud voice and alert automatically and update current location to parents’ smartphones.

  1. Safe Zone

Your parent can establish a safe zone which, if your child leaves it, you will receive an immediate notification.

  1. Scheduler

You can create tasks and reminders for children. You can now schedule reminders for things like “time for bed” and “play time”.

  1. In Class Mode

When your child needs to focus on study, this mode will ensure that they are not distracted by smart functions of the watch.

  1. Step count

Healthy children are happy children! The built-in pedometer counts each step that your children make, so you can ensure they keep fit. 


Product Information

  • Durable Battery with 430 mAh capacity
  • Maximum standby time of 48 hours – Low power consumption
  • Full Color Touch Screen
  • Maximum circumference of 22.5 cm.
  • Report Location by Triple-Mode Tracking (Wi-Fi/GPS/LBS)
  • Environmental-Friendly Materials – Safe of Skin irritants for your children


Technical Information



Main chipset / OS

 MTK MT6580m / Android 5.1


WCDMA 850/2100MHz GSM 800/900/1800/1900

WiFi (Rx)



Internal Battery : 430mAh


240 x 240 1.3” TFT

Touch Screen

SOS button /Nano USIM Support

Speaker / MIC support


External charging cradle

Location tracking

GPS, Cell ID, WiFi


One Year Local