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Performance Balance Socks by REXY


Introducing REXY

Comfort, Health & Performance
with every step

With over 5 years of research and development plus decades in the textile industry,
the good people at Rexy are capable of stretching fabrics to their limits. By pushing
the boundaries of these fabrics and what socks could do, we've paved the way for
the future of athletics while safe guarding the health of your joints, knees, and feet.


compression socks increase healthy blood circulationn throughout your body,
preventing unnecessary stress near your feet. Experience less fatigue,
speed up recovery and reduce soreness by using our compression technology.

Finished off with aqua.X, a multi-functional yarn is designed to whisk
away perspiration. No matter what you're doing, you know your feet
will stay dry, clean, and comfortable. Aqua.X cools 30% quicker than
polyester. and naturally promotes the deodorization process.


Increase healthy blood circulation
throughout your body

prevent unnecessary stress near your feet

Experience less fatigue

Speed up recovery and reduce soreness

Find your balance 
with REXY Socks