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Neckle - 10 Minutes Miracle Neck Healer



Every time you bend your neck, sit in a
bad position, or work with your smartphone, the
condition of your neck gets worse?


A look at the data from the Chiropractic
Association shows how much pressure
smartphones and monitors put on the
neck and spine.

The list of harmful effects to bad posture goes on.
But we've got a solution.


Introducing Neckle
The 10 Minute Miracle Neck Healer


Improve Your Neck Health
Improve Your Overall Posture
Use it Anywhere, Anytime
Professional Care at an Affordable Price



Through endless research and development, Neckle has created a solution that has the perfect balance of traction and gravity and resistance, to give you unparalleled comfort.

Through this balance, the lumpy muscles around the neck naturally relax due to gravity and traction.



Eco Foam is flexible, soft and
provides optimal comfort.
The Eco Foam gently supports the neck by covering the head from the neck area and from all sides.



Adjust the angle and length to the strap to suit the
user's body shape and door handle height. The
size of the traction force depends on the angle.




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