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MARU - Simple yet Powerful Power Station


As a traveler, it is always a struggle to decide on the essential items to bring given the limited luggage space. To add on, Murphy's law prompts you that you should bring it all. MARU-TOFU Power Station integrates 4 products that are used frequently by a traveler- The universal adapter, power strip, USB charger ,and laptop charger.

Ring Design Power Strip

The unique ring design of the power strip is licensed from MOGICS. It solves the power core as socket heads would not be in conflict with each other and the circular design is much more space saving as compared to a bar type power strip.


With MOGICS patent design, MARU is compatible with 3 AC socket, regardless whether it is the UK/EU or US/AU type. We chose to design with the 3 AC because more devices are replaced by Type-C, and the AC plug has a spacious design to ensure ample space for even bigger AC plugs.  

Unbelievable Power Dual Type-C  
Within a limited space, MARU offers the 45W + 18W for the dual Type-C. It supports the MacBook Pro 15" and mobile 18W fast charge.

Optimized Design   
We want an elegant design that solves the problem. There are so many aspects to consider for the design. There are many solutions to the same problem and our aim is to uncover the key solution. The optimal design solution should solve problems while not compromising on the form.

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