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KableCARD Extension - Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone

The KC7-EX is a custom designed 90cm long flat-head cable that fits in a 0.6cm semi-transparent customized case so that it’s clear how the cable is rolled up inside.


There is a space reserved for adapters (which you will receive from your KableCARD) designed to fit Micro-USB or Lightning adapter. The unique ripple design in the interior will guide the cable to be rolled up in a perfect way that you’d expect it to be.


The flexible clips on all four corners will hold the cable so that you can adjust the cable length according to your needs. You can even detach the entire cable depending on your usage, or you can use the cable while the case is still attached — it’s completely flexible whichever way you like it!


This is KableCARD-EX. Designed to be a perfect companion of KabelCARD.

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