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FoldStand |Phone| - Phone Stand & Grip with Wireless Charging by DesignNest


Introducing FoldStand - The perfect Phone holder | Card Storage | Phone Stand


The FoldStand is not only intuitive and simple to use, but also the ultimate evolution of the phone holder!


The ultra-sturdy design makes the phone stand firm whether it is lying or standing. At the same time, its slim when not in use.


It can also be firmly attached to the tablet because of its magnetic structural design.


This FoldStand is Super Thin and comes with extra space to put several bank cards in. Easy to carry your phone and card together.



The FoldStand and the reusable sticky pad are washable to clean both and use it again. Super thin thickness of 3mm, weight 61g only.

It occupies zero space when you put it into your bag.



Carry your phone around your neck. Easily attach your landyard by sliding it through the hole in the corner of the FoldStand. Handy attachable and detachable.



Made with a special conduction technology, you can still wirelessly charge your phone while having the stand onto your phone at the same time.
Works with all major brand wireless chargers and 99% of the unknown brands.