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FoldStand |Laptop| - Universal Laptop Stand with Better Airflow by DesignNest


Introducing FoldStand |Laptop|

No more tired hands if you let your tablet stand upright. Thin as paper, foldable in an angle as stand for your tablet in portrait or landscape view.



Barely noticeable & Anti-Slip

With a thickness as thick as paperboard it's barely noticeable on your laptop. With this stand sticked to your laptop it even still fits easily in your laptop cover or laptop bag.

Thanks to the anti-slip material it does not slide easily over a surface, making your laptop stand more stable.


Improve your posture

FoldStand is developed to fold and unfold. Foldable in an angle to have an ideal height and the comfort for a healthy posture behind your desk.


Better airflow

For laptops with an airfan at the bottom side, you have to place the FoldStand below the airfan to let the air better flow out of the laptop.




It is reusable. You can wash it and use again.