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What the heck is crowdfunding?

Awesome products don't have to come from big companies. 

The Beatles, Star Wars and George Lucas – what do these guys have in common? Their creations were turned down by almost every one that they pitched to. Today, they’re legends, but what would’ve happened if they didn’t get their lucky break?

Dozens of other amazing ideas or projects also go unrecognised around the world. Crowdfunding changes all of that by helping creators (that aren’t fortunate enough to have ludicrously wealthy parents) to fund their innovative new projects.

Many crowdfunded projects are started by people like you and I, with initial products created by hand, and funded out of the inventor’s own pocket. Things get harder when creators wish to expand operations: faced with skyhigh manufacturing costs and unfriendly corporations, many aspiring creators are faced with an uphill struggle to make their awesome projects a reality.

 Until crowdfunding arrived.


Kickstarter 2016 Funds Raised



Crowdfunding’s a simple concept that involves just three things:

  1. An inventor with an idea that they want to create
  2. A buyer that’s interested in funding said idea
  3. A platform to bring the two together

How it works is simple: if you see a project that you would really love to have in real life, you can choose to give the creators any amount of money to help them get just a little closer to their ultimate goal of actualising their project.



As to why people would want to throw their money with wanton abandon at some stranger on the internet? Well, the awesome thing about crowdfunding is that virtually anybody can become an inventor and create their own project or product – and that includes you, yes, the one reading this now. 

And if you’re not into inventing new products, you can help to crowdfund a project that you’re really into. Knowing that you helped to bring something to life can be an awesome feeling, and you’ll forever be a part of that brand’s story… plus, if you fund a cool project, you’ll be one of the first people in the world to receive your swag.

There are tons of other clever inventions out there that aim to make your life easier and better.



Glad you asked. The only thing that’s holding these wildly clever inventions from becoming part of your home is mainly the lack of funding – and that’s where you can help.

The bottom line is that many crowdfunding creators are everyday people that have awesome ideas, just like you and I. Crowdfunding simply provides them a useful platform to make their awesome ideas a reality – with a little help from others. Awesome products don’t have to come from big companies. Who knows? You might just fund the next up-and-coming Star Wars franchise…  

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