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Creator Community

By Creators, For Creators

Learn more about our diverse Creator Community and the benefits
of joining We The People’s creator and inventor network

Why Join our Creator Community?

  • Better Positioning—unlike other big-name retailers, we sell only crowdfunded products from ordinary creators with extraordinary ideas.
  • Devoted Attention—we treat every product we sell like our own, and get to know what we sell and how to most effectively sell it. People also get to touch and feel your product and see firsthand the product that they are supporting.
  • Creators first—as creators ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to make a living and receive support for your ideas. That’s why we don’t require any exclusivity or outrageous conditions in our agreements
  • East-West Bridge—as a creator and business owner, you want access to global markets. Our locations in Singapore, Malaysia, and the U.S. provide you with instant retail access to the largest retail markets in the world, and provide an opportunity to connect with backers and buyers who may be your extended neighbors
  • Community Support—our vision isn’t just to sell products: it’s to enable creators and inventors just like ourselves to have the tools and resources to become successful. When you join WTP’s Creator Community, you gain access to a group of people with the knowledge, experience, and resources to help build your brand.
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