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Flexo - Bendable, bouncy, flexible building bricks!

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Bounce, twist, bend, wrap or wear! Flexo uses a unique rigid brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination!


Flexo Builder Set 

– 100x Flexo Bricks in our Brights Palette (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange). Split evenly across our four shapes (Equilateral Triangle, Circle (2×2 round with axle hole), Square (2×2), and Rectangle (2×4))
– 1x Standard Tendon Sheet (300 Tendons)

Flexo | Builder Set

Every construction begins with a builder, and the Builder Set is your foundation for creative construction with Flexo. Perfect as an introduction to the world of Bricks and Tendons, you’ll be working with all four of our Brick shapes, and our most popular Brights Palette. Let the building commence!

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