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Shoe Steriliser By Sunwave


Meet Sunwave Shoe Steriliser


- Sterilises 99% of germs & fungi that causes athlete's foot
- Prevents fungal spore production
- Patented sterilising technology (LED+IR)
- Sterilises without damaging your shoes
- Sterilises and dries shoes in only 2 hours
- Smart auto timer for 2 hours
- Portable & easy to use
- Extremely safe to use
- Share it with the family
- Every household needs one


How It Works

Unlike other sterilizers that use harmful UV light, Sunwave’s
patented technology is a blend of VB (Violet Blue) LEDs and
Infrared Rays, that are 100% safe to use, and do the job better than UV can.

Shoe Steriliser By Sunwave Step 1


Plug your shoe sterilizer to a portable battery pack (5V,2A)
or an adapter (5V, 1.5A)


Shoe Steriliser By Sunwave Step 2 & 3
Mount your shoe sterilizer on to the holder.
Place your sterilizer in your shoe and sterilize away!


Inbuilt low noise fans on each sterilizer help circulate
the air while drying, resulting in a quicker and more
efficient drying process.


Use It Anywhere 

The Sunwave Shoe Sterilizer is super portable
and easy to use,so you can take it with you
anywhere and use it anytime.

Sunwave Shoe Steriliser Test Results


Tested & Proven


Hygiene matters

Take the right steps
to shoe hygiene



Power Consumption: 6W/9W/12W
Input (Adapter): 5VDC, 1.5A
Product Size: 50mm x70mm
Product Weight: 40g
Operating Temperature: Indoor: -5 to -35ºC

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