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Compact UV Multi Steriliser - 99.9% Sterilisation in 10 Seconds by ESSGEE

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Did You Know?

Mobile phones are covered in more germs than a toilet.
There are more germs on the desk and table in the living room than the toilet.
Car's handle houses more germs than a toilet does.


Germs and bacteria are EVERYWHERE. In places that you never even thought they would be. But we have a solution.

Introducing EssGEE
Your One-Kill Multi Steriliser.


kills 99.9% of germs
& viruses in only 10 seconds!

Goodbye Germs & Viruses

EssGee has 13 in-build UV LEDs, all optimised with a UV wavelength of 275nm, that sterilizes 99.9% of germs and Viruses in only 10 seconds.

Putting it to the test



Feline Coronavirus Test


The essGee UV Light was tested at KRICT (Korea Research Institute
of Chemical Technology), Centre for Convergent Research of Emerging
Virus Infection
. It was tested on a strand of a feline coronavirus.

Tested Virus - Feline Coronavirus
Distance between Virus and UV - 11mm
Period of Test - 25th Feb-2nd Mar 2020 (6days)
Application Time - 0sec / 10sec / 30sec
Temperature: 23º

UV-C light has been tested and shown to kill viruses that are relative of COVID-19
e.g. SARS and MERS. Thus, it is widely expected to be effective against viruses.

Sterilize anything and everything anytime!


Battery: 3.65v 500mAh

Power usage: 1.8W

UV Wavelength: UV 275nm / UV-A 390nm

(Life Span of 20,000 hours)

Dimensions : 95mm X 55mm x 25mm

Weight: 80g


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