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Kokoro Thermal Flask: Solid Porcelain Interior

Interior Made of 100% Solid Porcelain

One of the main key feature of Kokoro is that its interior made of 100% solid high grade porcelain with it's exterior made of 304 high grade stainless steel.

Suitable for All Kinds of Beverages

any drink

We are used to stainless steel thermal flasks in the market. But do you know that some beverages are not suitable to be placed in stainless steel flask?

Common issues stainless steel thermal flask users might face:

  1. Metallic Taste
  2. Change of smell or aroma of beverages
  3. Metal Leaching


Stainless steel thermal flask can leach chemical to acidic beverages, and will stain when used for long period of time. Iron, chromium and nickel were all found to leach into both alkaline and acidic foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, citrus juice, milk and many more.

However, with porcelain interior, Swanz Kokoro is 100% BPA Free and free from metal, chemical leachings. 

No More Metallic Taste and Lingering Smell

No leftover Smell, No Metallic Taste GIF

Say no more to metallic taste in your drinks. Porcelain preserves your beverages authentic taste. Enjoy the best of your drinks.

Naturally Easy to Clean

Porcelain are made from kaolin clay and fired at temperatures as high as 2,600°F. This makes porcelain pores extremely fine, making it easy to clean and prevents any stain and smell to linger on it.



Say goodbye to coffee stains

One of the popular question being asked: What is the main difference between porcelain and ceramic? The main difference is the size of surface pores. Ceramic has relatively larger pores compared to porcelain, resulting in stain might still occur in common ceramic.Which it will not happen in porcelain.

No Peeling Off

Another common question to be asked is what is the difference between solid porcelain and ceramic coating? Ceramic coatings is only a coating, it might peel off and having the risk of peel off residues to be consumed.


Swanz Kokoro interior made of 100% Solid Fine Porcelain. Not coating.


Table of Comparison

Replaceable Porcelain Interior

In addition of all, if something unfortunate happened and the porcelain is damaged, it is replaceable. Making KOKORO the most sustainable porcelain thermal flask.


100% Chemical Free

With its solid porcelain interior, Kokoro is naturally chemical free. 100% BPA, chemical and metal leaching free. We don't just stop there, we elevated our manufacturing methods.

Common porcelain thermal flask assembled by using various chemical compound such as glue or chemical adhesive. Using our Japan patented unique construction design, Kokoro's assembly method is free from any chemical compounds. 


Common way to assemble porcelain vacuum flask :

Kokoro Assembly Method:
No additional chemical compound in assembly

Product Features

We pay attention to smallest details of Kokoro. Each of its feature designed to elevate your drinking experience.




Easy to assemble


Built-in Handle

Kokoro comes with a built-in handle. Making it easy to be carried and mobile. 

Integrated Handle GIF

Strong durable material. Able to withstand for up to 5kg weight.

Leak Proof Silicone Cover

Another little detail we add to enhance our product is our easy clean silicone cover. Made of 100% baby safe silicone material. Able to withstand heat for up to 237°F / 113°C.
Easy to clean silicone cover
leak gif
100% Leak Proof

Double Wall Insulation

Kokoro's exterior is made out of 304 high grade stainless steel with double wall insulation feature. It is able to keep your beverages hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 hours.

Keeping your beverages on your desirable temperature all day.
*Tea Strainer is not included*