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BRACKEYT. The Artisanal EDC wallet re-imagined


BRACKEYT. The Artisanal EDC wallet re-imagined Organize your keys, cards and coins into one compact, elegant and great to hold device.

- No ugly ball of keys ever again
- No noisy jingling keys and coins
- Legs, and pocket linings will be forever safe from the stabs of harsh  metal keys
- No fumbling for keys, coins and cards again
- Protect your cards from RFID theft
- Organize your key/coin storage area to fit your style
- Fits nicely in your front pocket with no key bulge
- Organize your EDC into one simple, compact, great to hold device



Quickdraw cards and keys
(To check if your key will fit, make sure your key hole diameter is 4mm or more)

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