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June 04, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment


In the wake of a health and economic crisis, sterilizing your surroundings is fast becoming a cultural norm, as we all do our part to stamp out COVID-19. After all, no one wants to fall victim to this raging pandemic, nor would anyone even wish this upon their worst enemy, I hope. When it comes to sterilizers, we now have an abundance of choices, from tiny portable sterilizers to, sterilizers for your phones, to storage boxes with inbuilt sterilizers, there are plenty, but in this article, we will be focusing solely on one sterilizer that is uniquely designed for your home. It’s called the Sunnyhome Sterilizer, and it has some pretty nifty features. Let’s get started!


1. Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses & fungi, and stops the growth of mould

So let’s talk How-it-works for a moment. How does the Sunnyhome Sterilizer kill all the aforementioned no-nos? In a nutshell, the particular wavelengths emitted by the violet blue and infrared LEDs cripple the DNA of microorganisms. What that essentially does is make them sterile (Yes, hence the term, sterilizing). Once sterile, these no-nos will no longer be able to replicate themselves. But these microorganisms are not dead yet. They live on. The good news is, however, that once sterilized and unable to replicate, they eventually die over a period of time or get destroyed by the white blood cells in our body. So, in essence, they have been sterilized.


2. 100% tested safe to use

You might have been seeing a lot of discussions out there on UV and the dangers that it may come and you’ll be comforted to know that the Sunnyhome Sterilizer does not use any UV in their products. In fact, they have been developing their own proprietary technology for quite some time now. It’s a unique blend of Violet Blue and Infrared LED’s. The exact formula, of course, is a secret, but it has been rigorously tested in Korea and certified to be safe for use. So no, it won’t make you sterile, and no, it won’t harm your skin either. Ultimately, you don’t want to be worrying about lights in your house being a potential danger as you go about your daily life, because home is where you should feel safe! Using Sunnyhome is about the same as harnessing the power of the sun, in your home. I’m sure you get how the name came about now.


3. Cost-efficient!

Some may be worried about the cost that they will incur, and will be happy to know that these bad boys firstly are designed to give x2 the light output with the same power consumption as any other lights that you have in your home, and secondly, if you’re using it round the clock, like 24hrs/day, it will cost you about $0.9usd/month only.



4. Versatile, multi-functional, User friendly

Sunnyhome comes with 2 sets of mounts per light bar, and 1 set of extra adhesive tape. That means you can immediately identify 2 hotspots in your house, for example, the toilet and the shoe rack, that need sterilizing, and you can easily dismount Sunnyhome and move it from one location to the other. Life made easy! The extra adhesive tape is there in case you decide that maybe your kitchen needs more sterilization than your shoe rack. Well then, you can easily make the switch. Get a few Sunnyhomes and you’ll probably have your entire house covered! Speaking of versatility, you can also use the Sunnyhome as a regular white LED light at 150lm if you wish, making it an absolutely versatile piece of equipment.

Lastly, any other conventional light bar that you get will probably not have this. The Sunnyhome comes with a simple rotating feature, so you can cover things up to a wider range. I think this is a winning point right here, to not be resounded to just one direction.

To sum it up, the Sunnyhome Sterilizer is an all-round great product that will keep your home free from germs, viruses and bacteria. Most importantly, it will keep your family safe. It is definitely worth considering as we transition into a new normal.


Check out our video review here.



Learn more about Sunnyhome here.


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June 08, 2020

Hi, checking the reason for the lower price $119.90 for 65cm led light bar steriliser than the 60cm at $139.90. Could you offer the same price for the same product at metro online website?

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