Is it too darn hot?

Or perhaps it's freezing.

Is your air conditioning unit not living up to your comfort needs?

Get yoself some Ambi Climate


Ambi Climate is a product from Ambi Labs. And honestly it's one of the most interesting and unique products we've seen that we didn't even know we needed.

So regardless of the country you're living in and it's climate, most of us still use some form of temperature regulation; the most common being Air Conditioning. A.C units work by the user setting a temperature and the unit cooling air to that temperature. But how many of us have felt that our A.C units are sometimes not working hard enough (too warm) or working in overdrive (too cold)? I for one have often woken up in the middle of the night to switch off my A.C unit because it's too cold for comfort! Brr!

And that's where Ambi Climate comes in. 


Looks like a sweet piece of tech right, and it is!

Underneath that sleek exterior the Ambi Climate is jam packed with features that increase your comfort at home and saves you money.

The Ambi Climate works via an app on your phone and an infrared and WiFi connection. It connects to your A.C unit (most remote controlled A.C units are compatible, refer here for the full list), the internet and your phone. What it does is it actually regulates your A.C units temperature and settings beyond the options traditionally available on your remote. It senses ambient temperature, humidity, sunlight, weather information and your own comfort levels and adjusts your air conditioning accordingly. The days of feeling too cold or too warm are over!

The AI system of the Ambi Climate was derived from the data points of millions of users over 40 different countries and adjusts itself to your own preferences as well. 

Because it dynamically manages your air conditioning output and prevents the temperature from being too warm or too cold, it actually allows your to reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%. And with the high prices of utilities these days that's a major benefit.

But wait there's more, the Ambi Climate also integrates with smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to truly seamlessly manage your living space. 

All in all the Ambi Climate is perfect for anybody and everybody. I mean all of us want to do our part to save the earth and reduce our consumption and the Ambi Climate let's us do that without sacrificing our comfort levels (increasing them actually). 

So yeah, get yours today at WE THE PEOPLE STORE! Visit one of our many outlets (psst we have a new one again!) or check out our Online Store!


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