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July 08, 2020 1 min read


Coding is challenging. In fact, it's one of the reasons I failed a particular module in school (Analogue electronics... we had to do some logic programming. IF/THEN/ELSE etc) 

Today, you hear and know that kids are learning coding as early as 4 years old now. My ship may have long set sail but it's a new dawn for the kids. Coding is akin to learning a new language and it's going to be something as integral as your main spoken tongue in the future. 

Putting aside my poor experience with learning to code, i gave Tangiplay a try. 
Also, bear in mind that the product is meant for ages 4 and up. 

Tangiplay consists of:
Game App (Android Play store & Apple App Store)
12 Robot Toys (Functional)

What you'll need:
1x Android Tablet or iPad (it helps if the tablet is relatively new)
1x Child preferably 4 & up 

In a nutshell:
Using the toys, you're supposed to get the robot to construct a railway track to get the train to the other side. The game starts off really simply and progressively introduces new coding concepts like loop forming and debugging later on. All this is to equip you or the child with key coding concepts that would provide a big advantage in terms of foundation when learning coding in school. 

Not to mention but they've also won the iF Award this year (2020). 

Here's a video i did, explaining more:

I rate Tangiplay 4/5 Stars.

It has already impacted the lives of many kids around the world. If only we had a tool/game like this when we were kids..

Get Tangiplay now!

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