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May 08, 2020 2 min read

Just bought a UV Sanitizer/Sterilizer? Stay safe with this guide

(For equipment like the essGee UV Sterilizers and similar)

1) Understand that the equipment is made only for sterilization and not for illumination

2) Before usage, check your immediate surroundings for:

- People that could come into direct exposure to the UV source, such as a child that is shorter than the surface intended for uv exposure.
- Open wounds that might come into contact with UV.

2) Never look directly into the lamp or bulbs.

3) In the case of reflective surfaces, angle it away from direct reflection.

4) Keep out of reach of children. 

5) If in doubt, wear gloves and put on protective eye-wear during use.

6) If these items are unavailable to you, use plastic or glass as a viewing medium. (UV-C is absorbed by these materials)

Response to UV Exposure[1]

The effects of acute exposure to UV radiation are usually not severe and many symptoms are delayed. In the event of UV exposure, the following actions are recommended.

  • See an ophthalmologist if eye damage is suspected.
  • Treat skin lesions immediately.

Read more about UV-C Safety here by an article written by Dr. Kevin Kahn.

Dr. Kevin Kahn holds a BSc in electrical engineering from EPFL, an MRes and PhD in applied physics from Imperial College London, and is pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He was a research fellow at the National University of Singapore before joining Crystal IS (Asahi Kasei) in London, New York and Berlin, specialising in UVC LED technology for disinfection and water quality management. He currently leads market development activities for EMEA.
Kevin has been awarded the prestigious International JDP scholarship from 2013-2017 (3 awards per year), membership of the Institute of Physics in 2015, the 2018-2019 IUVA best paper award, and elected to the technical & standard committee of Watercoolers Europe in 2019. He is regularly invited to talk about the opportunities, challenges and applications of UVC LED technology by leading companies, and his papers are widely used as reference on the topic. 

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