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July 21, 2020 2 min read

Wherever you are in the world, walking and being active is a staple in our lives. But too often we neglect our feet. Here is a fun fact, In our lifetime, we will all walk a distance of approximately 65,000miles. That's 3 times around the earth! So why not take the right steps to proper foot care? Here is one sock company that walks the walk.

Introducing Rexy

With more than 5 years of research and development, Rexy has been making leaps in sock technology, redefining what a sock is and should be from heel to toe. Let's dive in! 


Arch Support

The first thing worth mentioning is Arch Technology. Traditional Arch Supports are hard, and unbending, and don't truly give you the support that you need. With Rexy's unique Hexa structure, It's like springtime for your arch. Each step gives you the support AND suspension that you need, while absorbing shock and distributing pressure to balance your lower body. This greatly helps in reducing foot fatigue

* Rexy also works with All Arch Types


4 Way Slip Resistance

Stability is key here. Strategically placed non-slip silicone pads improve response during dynamic movements, keeping you stable by reducing movement in your shoes.


Compression socks have been widely known and adopted the fact that they increase healthy blood circulation throughout your body. This invariably prevents unnecessary stress near your feet, resulting in less fatigue, a more speedy recovery and reduced soreness. 


Thread counts. And aqua.X is a uniquely developed multi-functional yarn that cools 30% quicker than traditional polyester, quickens the deodorization process, and will whisk away perspiration. So no matter what you're doing, your feet will stay dry, clean, and comfortable.

The key here is balance. Let's face it. We're in for the long haul that is life, and in the long run, comfort, health and performance are all equally important, and should never be compromised. 


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