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January 15, 2018 2 min read

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..

What an iconic line and opening crawl. That’s from Star Wars of course. One of the most well loved series of movies around the world. Almost everyone has heard of Star Wars and it’s science fiction concepts in some form or other.

The series has had big influences on pop culture and our imaginations. Darth Vader, Yoda, stormtroopers, the force and lightsabers.

Ah lightsabers. Every Star Wars fans fantasy. I myself used to swing a broom handle around as a kid in my grandmas garden. My imagination was all I had. I mean after all I was pretty sure an actual working lightsaber was out of my reach.

Well guess what! No no they’re still fictional, but at WE THE PEOPLE STORE, we’ve got the next best thing!

Imagine an actual lightsaber prop that looks and feels and handles like the real thing. The Hitoren by Wonderfoce is frankly speaking, sick.

The weight is just right. It feels like you’re wielding a lightsaber (that’s what my very accurate imagination tells me).

The sounds are sick. You get four sound modes including a silent one for when you wanna get that behind the back twirl into hand switch just right while your better half is asleep.

You can simulate deflecting blaster bolts from those pesky droids or the saber clash when two blades touch. And we have a version that allows you to choose from up to 16 colors at will. And yes that includes purple Mace Windu.


Oh by the way the blade is made of polycarbonate an inch thick so you can actually duel with it. Like legit.

If you can’t already tell I’m dying to own two or more of these beauties. If you’re a major fanboy like me or even if you just like having a really cool prop in your house or for martial arts or whatever. Head on down to WE THE PEOPLE STORE, or visit our Online Store, we do free local shipping!

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