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Put Earin in your ear

by Naren Menon July 18, 2018

Put Earin in your ear

It's your boy back with another review.

Remember how I said i'm not an in-ear kinda guy. Well i'm happy to report i have transcended my limitations and evolved. 

I recently tried and tested the Earin M2s. Lucky me.

The Earin M1s were known for being sleek, no frills with good audio quality.

The Earin M2s have taken those principles, ran with it and scored a touchdown.
First of, have a look.

Isn't it simply sexy. The carrying/charging case is so slim and sleek. It fits nicely into your pocket or even a clutch for the ladies. Each bud has also been beautifully designed.

The pairing process is pretty straightforward and unique. Remove each bud individually and pair them via your phones bluetooth. Interestingly each bud doesn't need to be paired with the same device to work, so you could potentially loan one out to a friend who wants to experience audio bliss.

Lets talk specs. The earbuds use Knowles® Balanced Armature speakers. This leads to a profound audio experience with crystal clear sound. It comes with an inbuilt microphone so you can answer calls as well. The connectivity to your phone is solid too. While testing it i didn't experience any lags or drops in my calls or music and that's pretty great. Together with the charges stored in the capsule, you get up to 14 hours continuous listening time. That's a direct flight to the UK with your own music to accompany you throughout. Amazing.

 All in all i have to say i'm pretty impressed with the Earin M2s. Great audio quality, magnificent battery life and with a sexy profile. Pop it out of your pocket and slide the buds out as you're leaving your group of friends and watch their faces go green with envy.

Check out the Earin M2s at WE THE PEOPLE STORE, the only physical store in the world retailing Kickstarter exclusive products.


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