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July 06, 2020 2 min read

Cook rice? Sure. Cook soup? Sure. Make Yoghurt?? Sureee! The list of possibilities goes on with the PowerCooker, surely designed by a food lover, and when it comes to good food, there should be no compromise. Let's dig in.

The winning recipes

For a lot of us out there, we want to enjoy home-cooked meals, but as the pace of life gets faster and faster, not all of us have the luxury to spend hours preparing a fancy feast. PowerCooker to the rescue! The PowerCooker is the best marriage of sophistication and convenience all packed into one sizzling pot, so you can prepare almost anything you want with it, all with the simple push of a few buttons (And some basic preparations, of course). As I said, you can even prepare yoghurt! Yoghurts to be kidding me, right?

Just the right touch, of controls

Now let's cook food the way food should have always been cooked, with touch controls on the handle of your rice cooker. But seriously, beautifully and intelligently designed touch controls make it easy for you to navigate the PowerCooker, making the experience of cooking that meal, all the more savoury!

Timing matters

So of course, with the PowerCooker. You can whip up a feast in no time! Prepare the ingredients beforehand, dump them into the PowerCooker, and set the timer to cook your food. But here is the best part, You can set it to start cooking beforehand, at just the right moment, so when you get back from a long and hard day at work, guess what's waiting for you? No, it's not sighs and frustration. It's a sumptuous meal ready for you to devour. If that's not a treat, then I don't know what is!

No pressure. Just tasty meals

Next up, the PowerCooker is equipped with a smart regulator that allows more steam to be released from the vent located on its lid. As the temperature gets higher, more steam is released. This prevents any scalding or burnt marks of the pot and your food. Let's be real, a lot of us have been burnt before here, but with the PowerCooker, we can say goodbye to that ever happening again.

P.S, You can also fully disassemble your PowerCooker, making the dread of cleaning up a thing of the past.

Dine with it

So finally, it's time to feast now. What's next? Detach the PowerCooker from its base, and bring it to the dining table. That's right. The features are just as delicious as the meal. Now that's food for thought!

All in all, after having personally tested the PowerCooker, I'd say there's more than enough to feast on here.

1min recipes with the PowerCooker

BIG D COOKS Power Lor Bak:
Bone Marrow Soup:
Chestnut Chicken Stew:
Mushroom Onion Soup:

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