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Music to my ears

by Naren Menon June 12, 2018

Music to my ears

Music transcends cultures and borders. Everyone appreciates and understands music in some form or extent.

There are so many different genres. Pop, classical, jazz, zef, grime, trance. 

We all have our own ways and styles of listening to an enjoying music. Some like it as a soft background humming, others like it blasted at deafening volumes. To each his own i always say.

The community at Kickstarter has been really on point with their musical creations and exploration. This month at We the People, we've got two new treats in store for you!


The erato series of earbuds are, in a word, cool. I've never been a fan of wireless earbuds. I always assumed they'd come with too many problems to be worth the hassle. Plus i'm a low tech kinda guy. I like things simple and efficient. Well i'm happy to report the Eratos fit those criteria! I tried the earbuds over the span of a week. I went for runs, i took the train, listened to music and answered calls. I have to say the freedom of not having to hold your phone or bother about tangled wires is quite liberating. 
Let me break it down for you.


The Verse uses graphene drivers to give you insane sound quality.

It's really compact and the earbuds are made to be comfortable and secure without looking too futuristic. 

Muse 5

The Muse 5's are for you bass lovers out there. You can enjoy your dubstep on your run with these babies.

It's got this super secure feel to it and thats probably due to the FitSeal silicon tips that are engineered to fit all ear types. Great for sports i would say.

Apollo 7s

The Apollo 7s' are next gen man. They have this amazing function called 3D sound. Basically it can deliver the sound to you in a certain way to mimic the feel of it being transmitted naturally by air.

This means a more natural sound that audiophiles would definitely enjoy. 


But wait everyone. The Eratos aren't the only thing we've got for you this month.

 We've got something that'll spice up your life and nights musically. 


Popsical is fantastic. It's a compact karoke system. This little device allows you to stream all your favourite songs straight from the internet to your television. The database is constantly updated so you'll get everything from your Ed Sheeran to your ABBA. It's crazy simple and fun to use.

It's all licensed and above board so you don't have to worry about legal issues. You also have the option to purchase a sound system with microphones and mixers as an add on to complete your karoke dream system. It comes with an app that you and your friends or family can use to select and queue songs. Fun for everybody!


I hope you were listening to some chill music while reading this. Did you know that music has been found to calm and relax and increase efficiency of your brain by raising your alpha wave levels? Swing by We the People Stores and add some rhythm to your life!


The Erato Earbud series and Popsical are both available at We The People Stores island-wide. 

 Psst, our Millenia Walk outlets recently got facelifts, come check us out.
Visit one of our many outlets or check out our Online Store! 

(or call us at  6256 0759)


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Naren Menon
Naren Menon

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