WHAT IT IS: Where do we start with the Lifepack? How about the bag’s inbuilt solar panel that can store up to 6 full charges for your phone? There’s also the Bluetooth speaker on the flipside for you to blast your tunes on the go. And the Lifepack’s independent as well: just use the integrated lock to chain your baby to a nearby chair/table/solid object. You can see why we wanna marry this baby already.


HOW IT WORKS: Protective air cells protect your laptop from accidental drops, and the Lifepack’s water repellent material keeps the rain out of your belongings. Plus, look out for the four hidden compartments placed in easy-to-reach parts of the Lifepack!


WHY WE LOVE IT: With more hidden pockets than a Pandora’s box, RFID protection, and of course the phone-saving solar charger, the Lifepack is the only bag you’ll ever want for your travel/daily needs. Did we mention the lock doubles as a bottle opener? This bag understands us on a spiritual level.



WHY WE DON'T LOVE IT: The Lifepack is pretty bulky on its own, and the solar panel can't be removed: it'll leave a gaping window in the front of your bag.


WHO MADE THIS: While backpacking, one of the creators of Lifepack was annoyed at how he had to constantly wrap his backpack around his leg to ward away thieves – in the interim, he also faced lots of flat batteries and had to blast music by placing his phone in a cup.  


WHERE TO GET IT: Grab your Lifepack (available in grey and black) here.