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June 15, 2020 5 min read

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies. Day to day life still has to go on (as best as it can). Slowly but surely, restrictions will be lifted, but that does not mean that we should be complacent. We all still have to take the necessary precautions to ensure our safety and the safety of the people around us. With that being said, we’ve curated a small list of essentials that are going to make this period just a little bit easier, better, and importantly, safer for you.

COVID-19 Essentials 

1. essGee
Your One-Kill Multi Sterilizer


Meet essGee. Your One-Kill Multi Sterilizer. This MIB looking device is one hell of a bad boy. Not only is it sleek, but it does the job, and it does it well. Simply slide it open and let it work its magic.
“So how long would it take to sterilize something, because I mean, I don’t have all day, right..?” 10 seconds. What? 10 seconds. What? 10 seconds. What? 10 seconds. What? essGee kills 99.9% of germs & viruses in just 10 seconds. So if you see something that needs sterilizing, just whip out your…. essGee and shine that light on those viruses.


Is UV-C  dangerous?
If you shine it on your skin or at someone else, it will be (duh..). but essGee is equipped with a unique safety feature that switches its light off if you turn it over upwards (facing the sky) during use. So honestly, It’s your fault if you do so.



But on a serious note. You may be worried about the safety of essGee. And you are right to be. To get into the nitty-gritty, check out our article on essGee safety here!


Remember. In this battle, you’re going to want to be fully loaded.



2. Cradzen by Sunwave

More often than not, we don’t even think about what we touch, before we touch our phones, and believe it or not... YOUR PHONE IS DIRTIER THAN A TOILET, Let’s let that sink in for a moment.



So now that you know that, you’re going to want to flush out all of that bacteria. Keep the bacteria in the toilet, where it should be, right? Cradzen can do just that for you. But what is even more amazing about Cradzen, is that you can use your phone, while you’re charging it. YES! The VB (Violet Blue) LEDs and IR (Infrared) rays have been rigorously tested and have been certified safe for you to use your phone while sterilizing it. So don’t worry, and say piss off to bacteria. It’s a match made in heaven!



*DISCLAIMER: Cradzen is available for phones with Type C charging only


3. WTP Foldable Pocket Mask holder



Now that we all have to carry masks around, we’ll need a proper place to store it. Because If you’re just going to shove it in your pocket, well then, that defeats the purpose of staying hygienic, doesn’t it? With the foldable pocket mask holder, you get to shove it in your pocket the right way. It’s easy to use, washable and reusable, and It really is as simple as that.


Or not...



4. The Shoe Sterilizer by Sunwave


Since the lockdown took effect, we’ve been seeing a surge of people training to compete in the next iron man challenge. Not to say that that’s a bad thing. Keeping healthy is definitely good, but in the new era where being a hygiene freak has become the new norm, you’re going to want to get your shoes sterilized too. 


The Shoe Sterilizer by Sunwave not only helps to sterilize your shoe, ridding it of 99% of germs & fungi (that also attributes to athlete’s foot) but will also help in drying them, all in just 2 hours. What is special about Sunwave, is its patented technology. Unlike most sterilizers out there, the Sunwave Shoe Sterilizer does not use UV, but a blend of VB (Violet Blue) LEDs and IR (Infrared Rays) that are 100% safe to use (The formula is a secret!). It’s also highly portable so you can bring it around easily. You just need to plug it to a power source, or a portable battery pack, and you’re good to go! Remember, it’s about the long run. 



*Made and tested in Korea


5. Sunwave Home Sterilizer (Sunny Home)


Ahhhh... Home sweet home... to billions and billions of bacteria. What? That escalated quickly. But seriously, Where we live is no exception. It’s also the place where billions and billions of bacteria live. The conventional way to “sterilize” your belongings would be putting your stuff out to the sun, which has been done for generations, but what if you could harness the power of the sun, in your home?




Of course, you won’t need to heat your room up to unforgiving temperatures. Basically the Sunwave Home Sterilizer is about the same as putting your things out to Sun. Using its patented technology (LED+IR), This holy bar of light will help you to kill 99.9% of germs, viruses & fungi. Importantly, it also stops the growth of mould. Of course, that’s all good and well, but I already have to pay so much for electricity… Well, it’s your lucky day. If you leave your sterilizer on for 24hrs a day, it will cost you approximately $0.9usd. Yes, you heard me right. Harness the power of the sun for $0.9usd/month?


Sorry.. That took a dark turn..



6. “The Circuit Breaker”
Brass Antimicrobial EDC


Last but not least, we have “The Circuit Breaker”. Now this one is crucial. As we start to transition back to normal life, whatever that may look like, we will be coming in contact with lots of things around us, and more than we can account for, to be honest. Can you imagine how many people touch lift buttons a day? Or how many people have touched that door handle? The Circuit Breaker is essentially your 3rd middle finger for COVID-19.


It acts as an extension of you, helping you to open and close doors, withdraw money, press the lift, and so much more. It also comes with some additional nifty features! It’s a box cutter (because boxes need cutting), it’s also a stylus (because phones need stylus-ing), and it’s also a ruler (Let’s hope it doesn’t cover the length of what we all know we’re going to measure). Now that you know the lengths that this little do-hickey can go to... for your safety, it’s definitely a key essential in our fight against COVID-19.



To sum it up, the virus is going to be here for a while, but together we’ll fight it off and come out stronger! In the meantime, to help ourselves and each other in this fight, It doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to invest in hygiene.


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