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April 02, 2020 4 min read

When it comes to working from home, things can really go either way. Some of us get really productive, striking everything off our to-do lists at the speed of a veteran in crossword puzzles, while some of us are left asking ourselves, “How did I end up binge-watching so much TV, and wasn’t the fridge just full this morning?!..” Yes. The distractions are real. and yes. the fridge was just full this morning. The booby traps are everywhere. TV, kids, pets, that uncontrollable urge to snack snack snack, and the list goes on. So let’s talk about our situation right now. The current Global Pandemic has most, if not all of us, forced to be shut-ins. Now is not the time to panic, however, but to show our worth as a species. After all, there is always a bright side to things, like lesser time spent commuting, for example, and attending con calls pantsless (highly not recommended). All jokes aside, the thought may have already crossed your mind, and that is, “how can I make my workspace more efficient, now that I’m working from home?”

Our key focus here today is, therefore, optimization - and we have 5 amazing products that can do just that for you (In case you missed the title). Now let’s jump right in.

1. Mogics Power Bagel - For the space-conscious

Fact: We never seem to have enough space on our table no matter how big they make ‘em, do we. A disorganized desk can sometimes lead to frustration, which leads to time-wasting, so you’re going to want to set your space up nicely. The Mogics Power Bagel does just that and it trumps the conventional powerstrip with its efficient circular design. It is the go-to for a space-saving adapter that you can use at home, for all your devices and much more. 

Problem, solved.


2. MOFT - The Invisible Laptop Stand - For the outstanding individual

Working on your laptop for extensive amounts of time can cause neck-and-shoulder pain, and in the long term, affect your posture. We’ve all been there, we know the strain. The invisible laptop stand, MOFT was created to combat just that. It attaches and detaches from your laptop using state-of-the-art removable glue, leaving no residue, and gives you the option of two elevation heights - 2in and 3in. And yes, It looks mighty sleek too.


3. Magnetic Boards - For attractive ideas

So you need to go “back to the drawing board”, as they say, but you no longer have a whiteboard at your disposal just like you did in your office, and investing in one may not make the most sense, because It takes up too much space. Magnetic Boards to the rescue. These amazing, statically-charged whiteboards cling onto any surface, without any adhesives required, and basically take up zero space in your house. So now you have the freedom to let your creativity flow, without all the fuss. Now that’s an Idea!

And It really is as easy as 1,2….



4. Switchbot

Need more coffee to get through the day? Switchbot is just the right automation companion for you. With its free and intuitive app, you can attach switchbot to just about anything you wish to automate (like a coffee machine in this example), and at the press of a button, voila! Your coffee could be brewing, all while you stay in the comfort of your seat. And now you might be thinking, “Where has this bean all my life?” Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Here are some other ways Switchbot can help you with automation.


5. Rocketbook

The last on our list is a truly noteworthy one. The Rocketbook is an ingenious design, and a friend to many who still want the tactile beauty of handwriting, without sacrificing connectivity. On top of the fact that it comes with many efficiently organized pages, the Rocketbook can scan whatever you write, straighten it, and send it to an app of your choosing (Onenote, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and so many more). You can also choose to have it in .jpg, .pdf (of which you can create a multiple page document), or even have your handwriting transcribed to text. Yes. You read it right. And if that isn’t good enough, the Rocketbook is also reusable. That means you don’t have to buy another notebook again, ever. Now that sounds like a blast-off in the right direction.


Write. Scan. Organize. Reuse

Blast off.

So In the words of some wise guy, “focus on being productive instead of busy.” But also, use smart things around you to optimize your work situation, which in turn, will make you a ninja of productivity. Because, why not?

Here’s a fun fact for you

On average, a pen can write up to 45,000 words. If you could have only 1 pen in this lifetime, what would you write?

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