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Young money, Cash money

by Naren Menon February 23, 2018

Young money, Cash money

Huat ah,

GXFC everybody

It's the Chinese New Year Festive Season! How wonderful. Lots of visiting. Lots of snacks. Lots of low-key passive aggressive moves by relatives. How fun. But come on, doesn't it set your heart racing when she slowly slides her hands down the sides of her cheongsam and you see that tantalising flash of red that you've been waiting to see all along. Just that thin red barrier between you and your hearts desire...

Of course we're referring to when your auntie gives you an ang bao! Every young adult yearns for these red packets. You don't get them anymore after you get married (you have to start giving them out in fact). So treasure your youth! 

In the meantime, here are some cool products for you to lighten your wallet on!


Bragi Dash Pro

Wireless Earbuds are the rage nowadays. You'll see some of your uncles and aunties rocking their Apple Airpods at your family gatherings for sure. Wanna engage in a little micro-aggression of your own? Repeat the following,

"Oh are those the Apple Airpods? I'm using the Bragi Dash Pros. Yeah the Bragis are waterproof so I can actually swim with them. They have fitness tracking and the option for real time language translation. Plus they have their own internal storage (4GB) so I don't even need my phone to be near me to listen to music. They're like your Airpods, but better."



It is the year of the dog after all. What better way to honour Man's best friend than to make sure he's properly fed and entertained the entire day!

The foobler is a self reloading puzzle feeder. Six compartments on one end. Fill them with kibble sized treats. A timer on the other, set it and at each interval one of the compartments will release food and emit a bell sound to alert your pupper. It allows you to keep your pet entertained for up to nine hours a day!

 Easyfeed is similar in concept to Foobler, but different in execution.

It's a comprehensive automated pet feeder.

You can get information on your pet's eating habits and health, control when exactly to dispense food or water and yo you can even skype with them! LDR with your pet, no fuss no muss.


Archt One

We all like sleek aesthetically pleasing technology. Wanna startle your conservative relatives as they try to guess what this chic looking thing is by suddenly blasting A$AP Ferg's Plain Jane?

Hello sexy. 

The Archt One comes fully equipped with full range drivers, a sub-woofer, a passive radiator, amplifier, digital signal processor (DSP) and a digital analog (DAC) converter.
Don't know what that means? Me neither.
What you need to take away though is that this beauty emits sound in 360°, can be connected via bluetooth or wireless or airplay, can link up to six other fellow speakers, and it's just really cool looking.



Floating light bulb.


Floating plant pot.

This is the king of "hello I am way cooler than you, have you seen my house?"

Using electromagnets and magic, these two jaw droppers float serenely and make really cool display pieces and conversation starters. Expect a lot of adults and kids alike scratching their heads in confusion as you defy (but secretly make use of) the laws of physics.

Happy CNY everybody, Qing Chun Chang Zhu. Enjoy the incessant lion dances.


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Naren Menon
Naren Menon

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