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July 28, 2018 3 min read

Beyoncé - "Girls do"

The Queen B is right.

Here at We The People Store, we all strongly believe in the equality of the sexes. 
Some of you might feel that the more exciting products we list or products that have been crowdfunded in general are targeted at Men.
Hold on sistah gurl. We've got something for everyone. Here's a list of cool stuff we feel that the ladies can especially appreciate.


GENA Heels

Homegrown brand GENA Heels is the modern day woman's shoe for sure.

Oof, look at that. These heels are adjustable. How crazy is that. Simply press the button located on the side of each pair and your heels will transform into flats and vice versa. They're also made of really high quality leather and have been specially designed to not pinch your feet at all!


EVIE Blender

The Evie blender is revolutionary. 

It's a really cool makeup blender. It's made from medical grade hypoallergenic silicone. Because it isn't sponge, it won't absorb your makeup. This means you waste less make up, and the Evie is actually better for your skin as there won't be any bacteria buildup. It's also completely washable and lasts for up to a year. Four times the lifespan of regular blenders! Comes in a cool variety of funky colours too!


TIC Bottle

We've written about the TIC Bottle before. It's a really convenient bottle for travelling.

It comes in two versions, Shower or Skin. The Shower bottle has three compartments and the Skin bottle as six smaller ones. Each of these compartments are clear and less than a 100mls. The Skin bottle also comes with a handy compartment below for lotions and creams. Because your liquids are kept in clear containers in quantities below a 100mls, you can bring the TIC Bottle on board a plane! All your toiletries will be packed together in a compact bottle. Say goodbye to the hassle of packing everything in small bottles and lumping them into a ziplock bag.

Oh and one more thing, you can actually dispense your liquids directly from the TIC Bottles.

It does everything!


 Potato Pirates

Potato Pirates is a really interesting card game.

It packs 10 hours worth of programming lessons into a 30 minute card game. It's suitable for anyone aged six and up and that includes adults with a desire to learn programming or people with hidden coding prowess aiming to crush their unsuspecting friends. 

It's a really fun game that we believe the ladies would enjoy because, who wouldn't?



Women and Men love coffee equally. And coffee enthusiasts everywhere tend to get a bit particular (read crazy) about the quality of their coffee. If you hang around one long enough you'll start to hear terms like acidity and crema. Well i'm positive she or he will love Dripo

Smooth and sexy.

Dripo is a cold drip coffee maker. Simply put your grounds in the centre, ice or iced water at the top and let it drip. You can get your cup of coffee in a quarter of the amount of time traditional cold brew methods take. 

Stylish and functional!


Well that's all for today. Here at We The People, we truly believe anyone can invent or appreciate anything. 


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