The most anticipated holiday of the year.
It means that New Years is nearby and a fresh year of opportunities and excitement lies ahead. However while New Years is the season of change and fresh starts, Christmas is the season of gifts.Regardless of race or religion almost all of us have been invited to a Christmas party or celebrated Christmas in some form. Whether it’s at the office, a family gathering or even if you’re participating in a secret Santa thing, we all know that gifts are important. You don’t want to be the only person rocking up to a Christmas party empty handed. But gifts are so tedious and annoying aren’t they. What we want for ourselves often isn’t the ideal gift for someone else. Impulse buying isn’t a good idea either. Well fret not young grasshopper. Here’s a list of ideas for gifts that are fun and quirky and sure to leave the recipient happy. To streamline your process we’ve divided our suggestions into four convenient categories.

It’s always considered thoughtful when you attend a Christmas Party hosted at someone's home to bring a little gift your hosts can use around the house. To that end, we’ve selected some items ranging from wacky to efficient that are sure to find a home in someone's home.

  1. Puni Puni Sushi. This definitely scores a 9 on the wacky scale. These huggable soft plushies are shaped like giant versions of your favorite sushi. They come in three variants, Onigiri, Salmon and Tamago. They’re comfortable and look delicious. A combination you never knew you wanted till you set eyes on them. They’d be ideal on couches surrounding your coffee table as the sight of them are sure to be a great conversation opener with guests but they’d be just as useful in the bedroom to express your cutesy side.
    puni puni sushi

  2. UGears. Hailing all the way from the Ukraine, UGears are really cool for a few reasons. They come in a multitude of versions from a truck to even a mechanical safe.

    ugears mechanical models
    The pieces are packed in pre-cut boards, so you dont need any tools or glue in their assembly. You just pop them out and fit them together. They’re numbered as well and come with instructions to aid in the assembly process. Aside from being fun to build and nice to look at, most of the UGears models are functional as well. Items like the Mechanical safe mentioned earlier and the truck actually allow you to interact with them. You can set your own dial combination for the safe and the truck comes with a rubber band powered potential energy motor that you can wind for it to move.


  3. Tooletries Organizer. Tooletries is a product that walks the line between wacky and efficient well. Have you ever noticed a buildup of grime and gunk in your toothbrush or soap holders?

    Well thats because they’re constantly exposed to water and bacteria. This makes them a veritable spawning ground for germs, and you don't want to put germs in your mouth. With Tooletries you get hygiene and aesthetic appeal.

    Using Aussie grip technology, Tooletries can repeatedly stick to smooth glossy surfaces like mirrors, glass or tiles. You can store the stuff for your morning ritual in a cool dry place and only take it out when needed essentially.

  4. Ambi Climate. Ambi Climate is one of the coolest products we’ve seen. It scores a strong 9 on the efficient scale and is pleasingly sleek to look at.

    ambi climate 2

    It’s an A.I. controlled robot sent back in time to protect the one man that could lead the resistance to success in the future.. No wait, that’s the plot of Terminator 2. Sorry, my bad. It’s just that the A.I. in Ambi Climate is so cool and advanced you really might think it was from the future. It connects to the internet, gets local weather information and at the same time senses ambient temperature, sunlight and humidity levels. Using these bits of data, it calibrates your Air Conditioning Unit at the optimum level of output so no energy is wasted chilling an already cold room. It reduces your energy output by up to 30%! That's 30% shaved off your utilities bill. Environmentally friendly as well! (Check out our full review of Ambi Climate here!)

With the shrinking globe and increased interconnected-ness of businesses, more and more jobs are starting to entail travelling once in awhile. Also flights are getting cheaper so going on a holiday isn’t considered a luxury anymore. I’m sure we all have that one friend who seems to be constantly travelling. What i’m trying to say is that people travel a lot more nowadays so get them stuff that makes that experience better.

  1. Mogics Power Bagel. 2 + 4 = 6 Quick Math! Six is the total number of devices the Bagel can charge at once. Two USBs and Four Plugs. It also comes with an in built extension wire . Yes it’s really cool. It replaces your conventional adapters and extension plugs and is really compact and easy to use. It’s design also means that your devices don’t have to compete for space as they would on a normal travel adapter or multi plug.

    mogics power bagel

  2. GoDuo Speakers.Water Resistant, shock resistant, magnetic base, mono or stereo functions, with audio tuned by the former Director of Acoustic Engineering of Philips and manufactured in the same facility as Bose and JBL speakers. These minimalistic and modern-looking speakers pack amazing sound in a small package and are super versatile. They come with a shock resistant case that you can clip onto anything with a carabiner. And with the 18-hour battery life on a single charge, these speakers are ideal for travel, parties and outdoor enthusiasts.

  3. Passport by Zendure. Another travel adapter on this list, but this one is different. It doesn’t come with an extension wire, but what it does have is a self resetting fuse. The fuse uses a bimetallic temperature sensor, literally space age tech, which helps to break the circuit when temperatures get too high, meaning you’ll probably never have a blown fuse in this adapter. It handles a reasonably high output and can charge a total of 4 USB devices and 1 plug.

    zendure passport kickstarter
    The travel adapter aspect is also neatly designed with the unused plugs hidden out of sight.

You don’t want to be the odd one out who gets a lame gift for your office christmas party. You need to get something cool and functional. Impress the boss and colleagues, climb the corporate ladder. Chase that paper.

  1. Levit8. Does your back hurt from sitting at your desk all day? Are you worried your glutes will flatten and lose their perk? Studies have actually shown that remaining seated for long periods of time is bad for your back and posture. Standing desks have been rising in popularity for some time, however they’re really expensive to install. That’s where Levit8 comes in.

    levit8 standing desk portable

    A fold-able, portable standing desk, it comes in 4 different sizes/heights to cater to everyone's needs and comfort levels.

  2. Goat Story. Feeling horny?

    Goat Story
     mugs are really cool to look at and use.

    goat story mugs coffee

    The unique shape will always be a conversational piece and the leather sleeve doubles as a stand giving you form and function.

  3. Cafflano Kompresso. Tired of long blacks or 3in1 coffee mixes? Need that extra caffeine shot to boost your energy? Just pre-grind some of your favourite coffee beans and you can have espresso on the go with Cafflano Kompresso. Using pressure and heat, this nifty little contraption allows you to be your own barista.

    espresso kompresso cafflano
    Perfect for coffee lovers.

  4. Magnetic Board & Notes. Welcome to the future. Paper thin notes and boards using static to stick to any smooth surface. Removable with at least one side being whiteboard marker erasable. Comes in a variety of sizes and colors. What year is it? But seriously, these are really cool for presentations or reminders.

    magnetic notes, static

    They cling smoothly to smooth surfaces and can stay for up to a year if you don’t remove them too often.

Every Day Carry Gear (EDC)
EDC is a term coined a few years back. It describes gear or items that we should carry with us everyday to increase the levels of convenience we have. These are gifts that would be perfect for the innate nomad, for someone trying to slim their essentials or even for someone with a problem that these things solve.

  1. Nerdwax. Speaking of problems, know anyone whose glasses constantly slip. Does it annoy you when they keep pushing them back up mid conversation. Get them a tube of Nerdwax.

    nerdwax for glasses
    Made with beeswax and coconut, this product is fully organic. You apply it to the bridge or pads of your glasses and that’s it. They stop slipping. These are legitimately effective and highly recommended.

  2. Kisetsu. These wallets are scarily functional and beautiful to look at. They are RFID protected, meaning your Credit card or any other info stored on magnetic strips or chips are safe in your wallet. They’re really slim, but still have room for at least 8 cards and cash. One variant, the Aki Wallet even comes with a slot for coins and a pen.

    rfid protected aki wallet
    Definitely a must have.

  3. Talking toes. These socks speak for themselves.

    talking toes motivational socks
    Enough said. But seriously, cool funky designs, long and short versions that both don't slip down your foot after you wear them, and inspirational messages on the forefoot. One of the last things you do before leaving your house is wear your socks right, unless you’re Japanese or Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

    Seeing the messages on your socks like “Dream Big” and “Do Good Always” is sure to start your day on a positive note.

  4. Quiver. We’ve written about the Quiver bag before, and our high opinion of it hasn’t changed. It’s a really cool really compact multi function bag. And they’ve just released a new color! Check out our previous review of them here. Or if you’re lazy, it’s a bag that has space for shoes, a 13-inch laptop, has waterproof compartments for a change of clothes, toiletries and your phone. The lining of the phone compartment actually allows you to still use your phones touch screen while keeping it dry. It can also be used as a sling bag or you can purchase an additional strap and use it as a backpack. Dealers choice!

    quiver bag by bow for bold

  5. Orbit Key. This key ring solves many problems for the user. Firstly it’s really pleasing to look at, coming in rubber, canvas or leather options.

    orbit key 2.0

    Secondly, you can tighten a nut to compress your keys together. This means no more of the annoying key jingle when you’re trying to sneak back into your house late. Thirdly, your keys cant travel across your loop. You’ll be able to know which key is where even in the dark. And lastly, the profile of the key ring is such that when stowed, your keys won’t be able to scratch your devices or belongings.

  6. Sitpack.
    Santa on a Sitpack

    “Hey bro, whats that thing you’re carrying?”

                 “Oh this?” *Extends the Sitpack* “This is a seat bro”
    The Sitpack is a compact expandable seat. It can hold up to a 100 to 120kgs.

    It’s really useful in outdoor situations or when you know you’ve gotta wait or stand for a long time.

  7. Slapsee. Remember those watches you could slap onto your wrists? Yeah those that you used to fight with your friends with because they wouldn’t stop trying to help you wear your watch, sometimes around your neck. Well that same advanced technology has been applied to sunglasses. Slapsee is a really convenient pair of sunglasses that you can carry around on your wrist.

    When you wear it, you can press the ends of the straps so they fasten around your head, allowing you to head-bang fearlessly.

  8. Que Bottle. This bottle comes in two sizes, 12oz and 20oz, and a variety of colors. Compact when you aren’t using it and expanded when you are.

    These bottles are also fun to play with. They can take hot or cold beverages (but not boiling water). And it’s made with food safe silicone you don't have to worry about funky smells.

So those are our recommendations for cool unique Christmas gifts to get for your family, colleagues and friends.
Think hard about what kind of person the recipient is before getting them something. Else your effort might go to waste. But at the end of the day remember two things. First, its the thought that counts. And Second, gifts are important but Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and people who are important to you.
It’s about good food and good spirits. Having a good time and getting ready for the New Year. It’s about looking back at the year and reflecting and.. Ah who am I kidding, I better get some sick sweet gifts this year.
And where can you find all this cool products. Won’t it take a while to receive buying it online? What if it sounds good but i don’t really like it upon seeing it? Don’t worry, we got you. Head down to WE THE PEOPLE STORE! Visit one of our many outlets (psst we keep saying this but we have a new one again!) or check out our Online Store! We just made our local shipping free!

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