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May 08, 2020 3 min read

UV sterilization equipment sales on the rise

In the not so distant past, or B.C (Before Corona), UV sterilization applications were in less of a demand by consumers. Now with the virus causing so much damage around the world, people have stepped up their search for products that help reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

A shining solution came back to the fore-front; UV-C sterilization. For the longest time, UV-C has served as a 99.9% effective solution to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. It can rapidly deactivate viruses such as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus(SARS). There have also been tests on the Feline Coronavirus with effective results. Till date, there have not been formalized tests on COVID-19 however, the likelihood of the same effectiveness is suggested.

How exactly does UV-C kill viruses?

To understand how to kill viruses, we first must understand how they reproduce.
Viruses contain genetic material within them. Either DNA or RNA and they require a host to reproduce and spread. (Basically, DNA is pretty much like a coding that tells the virus what to do, how to reproduce etc) When viruses come into contact with a host and enter the body, it either attaches itself to living cells or injects its DNA into them.

Viruses that attach themselves to living cells replicate by capitalizing on the living cells ability to split in half and grow. While the living cells that have been injected with the viruses DNA will eventually explode with more viruses. Kinda gory. Think chest-bursters in Alien, but more.

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UV-C kills/deactivates these viruses by messing around with their DNA. Have you ever had your printer jam up so badly you had to throw it away because it’s useless and irreparable now? -- That’s what UV does to viruses. It stops them from photocopying themselves.

However, UV-C emitting devices must be handled with care. Mishandling of the devices can lead to short or long term side effects if exposed to the skin or eyes. Remember, these are not toys and are safe for use when operated properly.

Here are UV Safety Guidelines that you should read if you’re planning to purchase a UV emitting device!

If you’ve searched for We The People on google, you might have seen a paid Google ad taken up by a fan of ours, a local online store from Singapore.

A recent article was written to warn people of the dangers of UV-C and with particular reference to a product that we retail, the essGee UV Sterilizer. Claiming it to be “high intensity” numerous times throughout the article.

For clarification, the essGee UV sterilizer has a wattage of 1.82, whichis about the same as what 3.5 potatoes can produce.They also retail a more intense 3 Watt UV-C Sterilization Lamp on their site. 

The did a good job at bringing UV safety to the forefront. The better read we are, the faster we will stop this pandemic.

Planning to get a UV Sterilization device? Here are some great articles to read:

2: IS UVC SAFE?  An article written by Dr. Kevin Kahn, UVC LED Expert.

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