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March Madness

by Naren Menon March 05, 2018

March Madness

The month of March is here.

Time to ditch your holiday mood and get down to bizness

There's only one long weekend in March, and it's on the 30th. We're all gonna be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the rush of three long weekends so close together (Xmas, NYE & CNY) and then nothing.

We can't use the "holiday mood la" excuse to explain away our inefficiency at work anymore sadly. But at We The People Store, it's always a holiday! 

Join us in celebrating life and capitalise on these sweet deals we've got for you!


Thousand Helmets

Thousand Helmets are urban style driven bicycle helmets with a unique function. You can actually lock them directly to your bicycle using your bicycle lock. You can pop out and expose a hole at the side of the helmet to thread your lock through. Now you don't have to be encumbered by your helmet after your commute to work or your leisurely weekend workout. For this month, every purchase of a Thousand Helmet entitles you to redeem a free bicycle lock from our stores!

While stocks last of course. So cycle down ASAP and we'll kit you out!



For the outdoorsy individual, the Rinsekit is a must! It's like having a hose on the go. Fill it up with water from your home and it'll store that pressure for up to a month. So you don't have to worry about tracking dirt or sand from the outside into your pristine vehicle interior after a trek or hike. Simply use the Rinsekit to wash away your sins. But what if you've emptied your Rinsekit or you wanna stay outdoors for an extended period and you don't have ready access to a pressurised water source? We got yo back son.

You can use the Rinsekit Field Fill Kit (try saying that ten times) to pressurise still water for your Rinsekit. For this month only, we're doing a bundle deal for the two saving you half a Benjamin. 


Malaya Bag

The Malaya Bag is the perfect everyday carry minimalist bag. Drawing inspiration from Military Functionality and Industrial Minimalism, the Malaya Bag is a three-way carry bag. You can use it as a backpack, a tote or a messenger bag. The creators drew inspiration from old school pilot bags and we have to say the bag looks gorgeous. Check out some of these pictures!

One of the girls in these pics even said that random Chinese tycoons approached her in the middle of the desert asking her where she got her bag. Now that's the kind of life I wanna live! The Malaya Bag is being retailed at a discounted price this month. Why? Because we know you need this in your life.


Magnetic Notes and Board

We previously did a review of the Magnetic Notes  and Board by Tesla Amazing and our opinion of it hasn't changed. They're really neat and fun with the multitude of colours and sizes.

You can stick them on any smooth surface and they make good presentation tools or party tricks. We know you don't need another reason to get these and that they pretty much sell themselves. But we love you guys so much so here's what we're gonna do. Any purchase of Magnetic products from us above sixty dollaz gets you a free notebook. Not just any ordinary notebook mind you.

A cool one. Cause we know how cool you are.


So don't hesitate, don't wait. Don't delay, don't be late. March on down to our stores this March (pun fully intended)!


You can get all the cool stuff above, and more at WE THE PEOPLE STORE! Visit one of our many outlets or check out our Online Store! 

(or call us at  6256 0759)


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Naren Menon
Naren Menon

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