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Welcome to the crib

by Naren Menon July 26, 2018

Welcome to the crib

Housing is an issue in Singapore.
With the limited land we have and tightly packed residential areas it's often a head-scratching moment for new couples when they evaluate their housing options.

Well the May BTO period has ended and the August one is almost upon us. Your friends and family should be receiving the (hopefully good) news soon! Applicants of previous launches may even be able to collect their keys in the near future!
With a new home comes a housewarming partyyy.

It's often tough to decide just what to get for the new homeowners that strike the balance between cool, useful and affordable (no one wants to look cheap but we all gotta be smart with our budgets). 
If you've been following our articles you'll know by now, we've got a couple of suggestions for you that's sure to show you care without burning a hole in your pocket.

We all love our furry companions. They keep us company and give us comfort when we are down. Some of us might even be hesitant to go on holidays for fear of our pets well-being.

"Who's gonna feed them?"
"How will i know my baby is ok?"

These are common questions many of us have heard our pet parents ask when we suggest a holiday. If only feeding them when you were away was easy..

Hey whats Easyfeed?

Well Easyfeed is a comprehensive remote pet feeding system. It's really simple. Fill it up with food and water. And that's about it actually. It comes with an app. You can use the app to specify if you want it to dispense food according to timing or according to the weight of the remaining food in the tray.
It isn't enough that you know they're being fed, you want to see your little buddy you say? Do not worry young one.
The Easyfeed comes with an inbuilt camera and microphone. You can actually video call your pets and check on them. How cool is that!
We've mentioned Popsical before. A fun Karaoke streaming set.

Fun for the homeowners, not so fun for the neighbors. So invite them to join! Who doesn't love a good old fashioned sing off. But for real, Popsical is an amazing gift for a new home. Show off your singing chops at the party, tear dramatically as you belt out Peng You by Alan tam. Go crazy.
Another cool product we've mentioned before, the Ambi Climate is brilliant.
For the uninitiated, Ambi Climate works to reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit.
It does this by sensing temperature sunlight and humidity on it's own, receiving weather information from the internet and your own user input via it's app.
It uses all this data to calibrate the output of your AC unit to make it more efficient. The best part is that you can even switch your AC off or on when you aren't home.

Ambi Climate
 works with almost all AC units. As long as you're using a remote to control it, Ambi Climate will work its magic.
Ruggy is an interesting concept. It replaces your traditional towel racks.

Simply slide your towel up and there's a marble that will hold it in place. To remove slide to the left. It's super compact and aesthetically pleasing. Also, it allows your towels to dry up to twice as fast as more surface area is exposed. Faster drying = less bacteria buildup = healthy living.
Because it's so compact you can actually install Ruggy in a wide variety of places; think your car or in hard to reach corners. Get a set of six. They come in different types of wood. Oak pine bamboo ashwood walnut and beech. You know the new couple is gonna be happy when they wake up in the morning and see that wood.


 Flyte /Lyfe
Nothing says cool like a levitating object in your house. Give the gift of coolness to your friend. Flyte and Lyfe are two of the most amazing items you will see, period. 

Take a look at that.

And that.
Nuff said.
Check out these amazing products at WE THE PEOPLE STORE, the world's largest retail store selling crowdfunded products.
(or call us at 
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Naren Menon

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