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August 05, 2019 2 min read

The (Mer)lion City not only boasts being the safest city, but is also where the largest number of backers (Asia) on Kickstarter and Indiegogo live. 


It's not only apparent in this singular campaign. Out of 100 different campaigns that we looked at on the Design & Tech category on, Singapore ranks #1 in terms of backers, 8/10 times.

The tiny sovereign nation, barely 31 miles across is packed with 5.6M people. 

After diving deep into crowdfunding and being creators ourselves, here's why Singapore loves Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

1) No language barrier & Education System

"Today Singapore’s education system is considered the best in the world."
- The Economist

English is the first language in Singapore. Not only that, Singapore ranks #1 in Asia for proficiency in the language.

2) Might die without internet access
81% of the population has access to the internet. Singaporeans are very well connected to trends and influences worldwide.

3) Singapore's GDP is 26% higher than the USA
Which just means, more disposable cash to spend on shiny things. 

4) Singaporeans love new things. 
The citizens get new mobile phones as often as once in 12 months. (which mind you, cost a pretty penny) 

5) Highly International
"The Singapore tourism industry had a record year in 2018, with 18.5 million visitor arrivals - a 6.2 per cent spike from the year before." 

In conclusion
The city-state speaks English, is well connected to the latest trends and tech around the world, absolutely loves new things and for the most part, has the disposable income to spend. 
This isn't just limited to the locals, the sheer influx of tourists and expats also have the same mindset. 

Singapore's an absolute goldmine for creators in the product design and tech category. If you're looking to propel your brand's equity in Asia, look to Singapore to begin. 

If you're a creator and want to get more backers to your campaign, We The People offers a few services. 

For a nominal fee, we'll set up a space with your prototypes or samples within our stores and market your campaign to the large number of walk-in customers that we receive. It's a proven method to build credibility and trust for your backers. 
Brand's also have the chance to then retail the products with the stores later on. 

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