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After Crowdfunding: What's Next?

August 23, 2019 2 min read

So you’ve successfully crowdfunded a product: what’s next ?

First of all, congratulations you ! Welcome to the Creator Club! Now the real hard part begins.

First thing you’ll immediately explore is getting your products listed on as many online channels for sales as possible. You’ll spend lots of money to market your product on your own website as well. (Running a successful online store will still cost you quite a pretty penny and it’s a super crowded space these days)

As a brand owner, you’ll need to manage all these things effectively. The more channels you have, the more hours you’ll need to dedicate to make sure inventory is up to date, orders are fulfilled, manage returns and the whole shebang. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Eventually, once the dust settles, you’ll want to have your products stocked at physical retail locations.

There are a few types of retail

Big Box (Walmart/Target/etc)
Department (Macys/Shinsegae/Takashimaya)

The standard hurdles you’d immediately face are the buyers for these establishments. More that often, big box and department stores look for brands with a successful track record and have been around for a good period before they consider taking in the brand. You’ll then be faced with extraordinarily tough margins at the promise of exposure.
Unfortunately, the reality of it is that your products (if accepted) will be stacked on a shelf, with no sales rep to explain truly how amazing your creations are. While boutique and specialty stores might have lower barriers of entry, these are mostly small stores with lots of products, with very little sales staff who generally do not approach customers often. (you know exactly what we mean)

This is a fact.

Your best sales will come from places that laser focus on you, as a creator and your products.

We The People Stores were created to fix the traditional retail mindset. It’s built a strong foundation of only providing products that were made possible with crowdfunding. Customers that come to the stores already know that they are looking at the forefront of creativity and are want to listen to the stories behind the products.

Best of all, your products will have dedicated breathing spaces.

All employees (and we really mean, everyone) at the store know the products and brands inside out to a great extent, it’s almost as though it was you, the creator, speaking. Oftentimes, the people selling your products in the stores, are also creators.

This provides customers with a unique experience, and when purchases are made, the customers will be PROUD of their purchase. All you have to do now is lie back, and watch how powerful word-of-mouth can be.

From the beginning, it’s always been the mission of We The People to help creators develop their brand equity at a supersonic pace.
The mission is to provide an accelerated boost from nothing, to full sustainability and beyond.

If you’re a creator and want the best for your brand, you know how to call ;)
Because just like you, we're Creators too!

Have a crowdfunded product that you want to super-sell around the world ? Reach out to us at

Ryan Simmy
Ryan Simmy

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