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February 12, 2019 3 min read

You know that we lava you don't you? This Valentine's day, we have prepared a superb line-up of gift ideas for you!

For the guys, who want to impress your ladies or at least pretend that you bother about this day, yet your pockets aren't deep enough to get the shimmering glaring jewels. For the ladies, who also want to impress your men that you are not just a pretty face, but a savvy and thoughtful woman. 
Just kidding. But seriously...
Whether you are just beginners, hoping to level up the love game or you have attained the final stage of love, we have unique gift ideas for your Valentine.

1st Base - Beginner "Friends" (Below S$50):

1. Evie Blender"It's pointy,it's curvy and it has a round bottom."
What were you thinking guys? It's a makeup blender! Eco-friendly, made from medical grade silicone and it's easy to use. The ladies will love you for it.
Evie Blender


2. earBeans - "I've 'bean' thinking of you."
Size matters. It's small and lightweight. One size fits all and comfortable in all positions. You'll be amazed by the performance of this little fella.


3. Talking Toes - "When life socks, I'll be 'heel' for you."
One can never get enough of fanciful socks, especially when it's for your "sole mate". Get your partner and yourself a couple-pair of Talking Toes this Valentine's.

Talking Toes


4. Tooletries - "It's all about the grip and how it sucks."
Bathroom storage solutions don't have to be boring. Tooletries' mighty toothbrush holder grips and sucks on any glossy surface. It's sleek and functional for your men's grooming tools.
Tooletries Mighty Toothbrush Holder

2nd Base - Friendship Game Level Up (S$51 - S$100):

5. Acteon Towels- "Put your dirty hands on me"
Sometimes, small is good. The Acteon premium microfiber towels are ultra compact and anti-bacterial. Perfect gift for fitspo and beachgoers. Psst.. guys, it's a great excuse for a date at the beach.


6. MOGICS Power Bagel- "I love you watts!"
The world's first power strip with universal sockets that allow you to electrify up to 7 devices. For those who love their gadgets and traveling, the power bagel will be a savvy gift to level up their tech game.
MOGICS Power Bagel


7. Bundies - "Show those buns some love tonight!"
Hips don't lie. You know a good bun when you see one. Bundies are the most comfortable underwear made with Lenzing modal fabric. It's so comfy that ladies love it too. Show those buns some love this Valentine's.


8. Kisetsu Crazy Horse Leather Wallets- "You make my heart gallop."
 Love is like red wine; the older the better. It's the same for Kisetsu's crazy horse leather wallets. These minimalist slim wallets are also RFID protected. Get some protection for your Valentine today.
Kisetsu Crazy Horse Leather Wallets

3rd Base - Advanced Level (S$100 - S$250)

9. Crazybaby Air & Air Nano - "I'm crazy for you baby."
With superior sound quality and elegant design, your Valentine will enjoy these babies making love to their ears. Crazybaby wireless audio is the perfect gift for music lovers.
Crazybaby Air and Air Nano
10. Plain Supplies Watch Collection - "It's time you be my valentine."
Timeless love, endless love - Watches are one of the best gifts to express that love. Plain Supplies' watch collection includes Disney, Signature Rose Gold, Black Out and Everyday watch series. They may be simple but they will last a long time. Time to get a couple for your Valentine and yourself.
Plain Supplies Watch Collection


11. Niid Sling Bag - "All I niid is you."
When backpacks and briefcases aren't sexy enough for daily carry, URBANNATURE by NIID will bring the sexy back. These sling bags are convertible and customizable for any adventure you embark on.

Niid Sling Bag


12. Desti Saint Love Knot Collection - "Let's get knotty!"
A love knot symbolizes unbreakable bonds and everlasting love. The Desti Saint Love Knot collection of purses and bags are perfect Valentine's gifts for your lady. *TIP: Share the love knot meaning and the ladies will go "awww..", and you may just get lucky tonight!
Desti Saint Love Knot Collection

4th Base - End Game (Above S$250)

13. Lux & Nyx Bags- "You'll be surprised how much it fills."

In every relationship, there's work and play. In every Lux & Nyx bag, you'll find all you need for work and play. It's premium and well designed with functions for all occasions. As we said, you'll be surprised by how much it fills.

Lux & Nyx Bag


14. Tranzend  Ultra Suit - "Rain or shine, I'm here for you."
The Ultra Suit by Tranzend is waterproof, anti-stain, anti-odor and wrinkle-free. Ladies, get your man one suit and save yourself a load of laundry chores. Men, get one for yourself and save your woman some energy for the night.
Tranzend Ultra Suit

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