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Pillow Cube | A Bed for your Head

April 28, 2020 1 min read


Pillow Cube | A Bed for your Head.

WTP Rating: 3.3 Out Of 5



Designed for your head
(but you can use it wherever you need to). 

Propping up your head when sleeping on your side not only helps with spinal alignment, but also decreases sleep apnea and reduces acid reflux. You don't have to use the PillowCube on your head. This soft little building block will fit wherever you need it (even that cube shaped hole in your heart)**

What's Pillow Cube made of? 

High Rebound Bamboo Foam
Gives you the support you need. It is also anti-microbial to keep it nice and fresh.


Breathably Soft Cover
Allows air to flow through to keep it from overheating.


Silky Smooth Pillow Case
While it may not actually be silk (coming soon) the pillow case feels soft to the touch and is easily removed for washing.


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