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Mininch | Your Everyday Carry Essentials

June 04, 2020 2 min read

Mininch | Your Everyday Carry Essentials

WTP Rating: 4.2 Out Of 5



Rather than carrying many screwdrivers or a box full of bits, now you can flexibly collect and interchange all demanding bits like replacing refills of a pen with the Tool Mini.

The bits will be compactly stacked within the barrel, and cycling them through is pretty fast & simple.

It’s lightweight & portable that you’ll easily carry around and use it on the go. 


WRENCHit is a portable and multi- functional spanner, it employs similar “Pop-A-Point” design that lets you select and interchange the wrenches with different sizes and shapes while cycling through.


With a tough yet pocket-friendly wrench channel (sleeve), it allows you to slide the wrenches in and out very smoothly, and the sleeve will also offer a sturdy arm for applying torque to turn objects.



Drive is the minimalist solution to replace your precision screwdrivers, standard screwdrivers and T-Handle screwdriver.


It can make easy torque adjustments with ergonomic spinner wheel and smooth ball bearing, and it’s also compatible with universal bits and 1/4 inch bit hex shank.


Handle all kinds of repairs all in one package.


Xcissor Pen is exactly what it sounds like – a compact pair of scissors concealed in an elegant executive pen.

It’s a fine writing instrument that sports the high- quality SUS304 stainless steel with a smooth luxurious finish.

Thanks to the slight streamlined shape, it is perfectly balanced and feels like a natural extension of your hands while you hold it.

The ink cartridge is replaced with the international standard D1 size refills, which will last you a lifetime.


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